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loved this part that actually happened in the latest episode. this was my favorite part that actually happened. love that this is exactly how it went down really great nice episode Loved It

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ok im wide awake again

here’s a twitter list that updates frequently w different ppl and journalists tweets. it’s really handy because info circulates slower on tumblr (i saw day old news is just getting around today) especially if you dont have access to / dont trust mainstream media. i don’t believe you need an account to view it.

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the thought of ichigo driving is making me nervous

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there’s a reason I don’t do digital art and this is it

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im like 3 away from my goal now. someone promo me and ill love you forever

check out kvltwaii they’re really fantastic && cool!!!!!!

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I really like her design… could be just the shorts though, lol. Click source for fullsize, but it’s from The Wake 1 director’s cut edition.

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there’s a reason I don’t do digital art and this is it

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©  てんく

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BLOOD-C: The Last Dark

Official Colored Manga Pages

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