eroded adolescence: songs for laurie juspeczyk
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|01.| Falling (ft. Ralph of To Kill a King) » Bastille
|02.| Life is Simple in the Moonlight » The Strokes
|03.| Ljósið » Ólafur Arnalds
|04.| Getaway » Mother Mother
|05.| She Owns The Streets » The Raveonettes
|06.| The Lost Get Loud » Elektrik People
|07.| I Am Not A Robot » Marina and the Diamonds
|08.| Wild » Poe
|09.| Tissue Soldiers » The Maccabees

12 May 2013 20 notes

TAGGED: Watchmen. Silk Spectre ii. Laurie Juspeczyk. fanmix. my fanmixes. what's going on with the butterflies? we just don't know. I'm going to end up making a mix for every watchmen character I'm calling it now. my graphics.
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